WHAT WE DO - Hunger Reduction International
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Food and Livelihood Security and Resilience Building

Village Saving and Loans Association/ Self help group
Small scale Farming
Vocational Training Skills
Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Building
Plantation activities

Gender Equality

Eradicating Gender Based Violence
Girls Education Empowerment
Women Small scale/ Entrepreneurship Empowerment
Gender Advocacy

Community engagement training3
Drought Assessmnet for water shortage

Conservation of Natural resource based

Species conservation, Birds, Trees, grass
Rehabilitation of degraded
Environment, School based eco clubs
Establishment of agro forestry,

Sanitation, Health and Nutrition

Safe drinking water
Mother and child health
HIV/AIDS awareness and Education
Medical camp ( Remote Clinics)
Health awareness
Reproductive health
Awareness building

Community Animal health Workers Training
Community engagement training4

Advocating SDGs and Awareness

Educating Somali People about SDGs
Facilitating Localizing SDGs in Somali Ecosystem.
Establishing Somali Ecosystem Youth SDG Alliance