OUR TEAM - Hunger Reduction International
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Dr. Faisal Abdi

Founder And Executive Director

MA International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid coupled with Diploma in Livestock health, with mote than 7 years of extensive experience in humanitarian interventions programming in various fields’ food security and livelihoods programming in emergency , recovery and development setting, planning, coordination and execution of the Food Security and livelihoods activity such as Cash and voucher Transfer Programming (CTP) both urban and rural setting, A certified master trainer in Farmers field school and Agro-pastoral field school. Expert in Conservation agriculture, Climate smart agriculture, and community based nutrition interventions, Practical experience in community based disaster risk management with knowledge on integrating DRR/CA in to livelihoods. Familiar with several donor guidelines and standards. Expert in Monitoring and Evaluation and data analysis, Programme/Project Cycle Management Planning & organizing skills, Research Studies and Assessments, PRA Tools,) Training & Facilitation Skills (designing, conducting and organizing)

Mr Ahmed Derie Elmi

Programs Manager

Mr Ahmed Derie Elmi , holds an MSc in Natural resource management , a diploma in Environmental and Social impact assessment and has wide experience in design, implementation and evaluation of projects with food security, and reducing poverty/hunger he has over 15 years professional experience in Food security ,natural resource management and monitoring and evaluations, including use of European Development Fund procedures, most recently in Ethiopia,Somaliland and South Central Somalia.

his experience includes work in fragile state environments (Somalia ) and extensive experience in remote and hard to reach areas, including evaluation of current health status of frankinsence plants species in the highlands of Somaliland as well setting up and monitoring participative research trials in rainfed watershed Management projects in somaliland and somali state of ethiopia.

Mr Elmi has an extensive experience of Natural Resource Management, including rangeland management and rehabiliatation of degraded lands.in addition that Mr Elmi has wide skills and expertise of complex development programmes involving government and a range of NGO and civil society stakeholders. he has a wide knowledge of community development, agricultural sector development and participatory approaches to agricultural researchs, conservation and counting migratory water birds and bird habitate in Somaliland and ethiopia

Mr Elmi has excellent interpersonal skills enabling her to relate and work effectively with colleagues, stakeholders and communities.

Dr. Yassin Osman

Chairperson President of HRI

Dr. Yassin Osman, is a Bsc In veterinary Medicine, a qualified dedicated aid worker with experience in various fields. Strong believer in ethical work and providing aid where needed. Have experience of humanitarian aid both abroad and domestically. Have worked with homeless individuals and communities suffering from the effects of disease and drought. Capable at managing high pressure situations and negotiating peaceful outcomes despite cultural barriers. Excellent language skills and good grasp of technology. Looking for work that provides tangible, hands-on help to people in need.

Ismail Omer


Operations and Business Support Manager

He is a competent veterinary professional with over 9 years of community development worker in government, LNGOs and INGOs have been implemented key donor funded projects focused on emergency and recovery that included but not limited to agricultural recovery, livestock production and health services delivery, restocking, general food voucher distribution, cash/vouchers transfers, water sanitation and hygiene and water trucking vouchers.

Besides that, he has experience of project designing, planning, coordination, monitoring and evaluation and has possess staff and budget control management and needs assessment conducting skills moreover with report and concept note writing proficiency.

Mrs Jennifer Larcher Bevan

Human Resource and External communication Manager

Mrs Jennifer Larcher Bevan holds a Masters Degree in “Human Resources Management and Social Development” added to two Bachelor Degrees in “Intervention and Social Insertion” and “Information and Communication”. Working in the International ONG World for 6+years and in Human Resources and Development for 10+years, her experience includes the creation, implementation of HR strategies, the recruitment/care and following of Staffs/Volunteers based worldwide for short and long term projects.
Self made woman in Marketing, she successfully campaigned through newsletters, social media and oversaw team projects aiming at the unification of the global communication thus assisting awareness and fundraising.

She created nearly two years ago her business in International Development specializing in International Consulting

Aiché Moussa

HRI Social Media Manager

Aiché Moussa is a creativity and innovation-driven enthusiast. She is an Instructional Designer and a Digital Communications Expert. She holds a Masters in Knowledge Management, Training and Digital Mediation, and is currently finishing a Masters of Communication in Management of Media. She also holds a Bachelor in Educational Sciences and an Associate Degree in Sociology.

She has a strong experience working for International Organizations such as the United Nations Institute for Training And Research (UNITAR), the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the United Nations Volunteers (UNV), the United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC), the UNESCO’s International Bureau of Education (IBE-UNESCO) and the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Her skills include training needs analysis, knowledge management, capacity building, project management, advocacy and communication, social media management, video edition, translation and proofreading to name a few.

Aiché is perfectly bilingual speaking English and French. She is actually learning German and Spanish.

Yves Zawadi

Proposal Writing and Donor Mapping

Yves is a Socio economist with more than ten years’ experience in Private Sector and Market Development; Value Chain Development; Agribusiness; Project Designing Management Monitoring and Evaluation. He facilitates change management for public and private actors using the appreciative and positive approach. Experience working with Local, National, Regional and International Non-Government Organizations, Private Sector and Public Institutions and Ministries.

Yves has built and acquired a strong experience with different donors (USAID,UKAID,DGIS,EKN,DGCD,GIZ,…), different approaches (Value Chain, Market Systems, Making Market Work for Poor, Public Private Partnership,…), different countries ( Burundi, Rwanda, DRC,),…

His visits to Congo Brazzaville, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, Zambia, France, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Turkey, The USA for work, training or holidays allowed him to enhance a large and multicultural understanding sense.

Yves believes that positive and sustainable change comes from people not to people.

Serge Claude Eboa Edoube

Proposal Writing and Donor mapping

Development Finance Researcher/Consultant, Risk Analyst and Financial Analyst. He is also a PhD candidate in Developmental Finance, Risks Assessment and Financial Analysis from Holy State University, USA. He has been interacting with several research centers around the world to promoting global prosperity through individual research. He has a 10- year experience in Financial Establishment Management, managing financial risk in the process of granting credits to individuals and entities as well. Other Areas of competencies include: Sustainable Development, SDGs Financing, Sustainable Development Financing, Financial, economic and social inclusions issues, poverty reduction, Development Projects financing and Management; Resilience, credit rating, Financial Sector Development, Humanitarian programmes financing, Business and Financial Specialist Economic and Financial policies, International donors searching for development projects financing. Our social leadership goal is to attain financial expertise skills in the aim of enhancing communities development projects where the poor will be dragged out of poverty pathway and witness economic prosperity in an environmentally sustained way.

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