MISSION AND VISION - Hunger Reduction International
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Hunger Reduction International is a humanitarian relief and development organization committed to ending the prevalence of famine, hunger, and malnutrition throughout the Horn of Africa. We shall eventually deploy our solutions.


HRI focuses its efforts upon improving food security and the economics associated with pastoral livelihoods. Fundamental to the achievement of its vision is the recognition of the role that the economic and social marginalization of women has to play in deepening food insecurity.

Consequently, HRI uses a two pronged approach of promoting food security and gender equality by achieving the social and economic empowerment of communities to achieve its vision. HRI engages with rural communities and other stakeholders (government agencies, private sector, the local NGO space in Somalia) to develop and implement scalable solutions that are realistic, practical, and that gain the commitment of all stakeholders invested in ensuring the development of our communities.

We engage base of the pyramid markets in Somalia and provide them with entrepreneurial solutions. We are guided by the necessity of creating locally responsive markets for the allocation of food resources, and enabling the preferences of our communities to be aggregated and reflected by such markets.

HRI also provides its time, support, and active cooperation to related issues such as the dissemination of hygienic practices in rural communities, realization of sanitary living and working conditions, emergency relief efforts, and creating awareness regarding HIV/AIDS. We view such tangential efforts as complementary to our central vision, and in consonance with our desire of improving the health of our communities.


The core guiding values of HRI are:-

  • Transparency, integrity, professionalism and intellectual autonomy in all our actions
  • Self-reliance empowerment
  • Trustworthiness, accountability and partnership
  • Non-stigmatization or discrimination
  • Respect the outcome of participative processes and teamwork


Our actions and the solutions we develop are guided by two principles:

  • The necessity of developing scalable and replicable solutions
  • Developing solutions that are culturally sensitive


HRI has defined a governing structure that includes a General Assembly, Board of Directors and an Executive Committee.  This structure determines chain of command and hierarchy of responsibility.

The General Assembly is the highest decision making organ approving policies and reviewing achievement and plans. The Board of Directors (BOD) is the planning and policy making body of the organization which controls and approves the activities of the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee is responsible for the implementation of the programs and daily management activities of HRI.

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